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    Low Female-Rape Convictions

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    High Incidence of Female-Rape in India

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    Police Corruption

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    Political Corruption

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    Low Status of Women in India

What We do

Our focus is to try Solving Complex Unstructured Problems by using a combination of Analytics and Ideas. Though we cannot guarantee a perfect solution, in the sense that the problem no longer exists, we are sure that our solution will be more optimal – both at Global and local level.

Complex problems exists in areas where direct Cause and Effect relationship cannot be build - typically were humans are integral to the problem and solution.

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How We Do it

Since unstructured problems defy easy definition, we use mind-mapping techniques to fully understand all the dimension or elements of the Problem – which we call Problem Elements and then and only than we generate ideas for those Problem Elements.

Our Idea Trees have three levels 1. Problem Statement 2. Problem Elements 3. Ideas

About Us

We have been researching in the area of Complex Unstructured Problems for over 25 years. During that time we have tried many approaches and now have a very clearly defined solutions approach, starting with clearly defined Problem, than decomposition of Problem into Problem Elements. Only when the first two steps are done, do we begin the step of Idea generation./p>

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Problem Table

NoProblemsNo of PENo of IdeasProblem DatePrize
From To
001 Low Female-Rape Convictions 12 11 12/12/2012 07/12/2012 $8000
High Incidence of Female-Rape in India 19 0
Police Corruption 10 0
Political Corruption 0 0
Low Status of Women in India 0 0

Recent Problem Elements

contest - problem element

Author: dearavi Date: 17 Jun 2014

contest - problem element description


Quality of Teachers

Author: dearavi Date: 13 Jun 2014

[family-tree root='Primary Education - Poor Qualit


Lack of Judicial Resources

Author: dearavi Date: 3 Jan 2013


Recent Ideas

Setup Fund for Victim-Support during Trial

Author: dearavi Date: 9 Jan 2013

Since victims are generally poor, a fund that will


Document Process Flow for all Investigators

Author: dearavi Date: 7 Jan 2013

Graphical process map should be made and training



Author: dearavi Date: 4 Jan 2013